Why I Don't Cook Thanksgiving Dinner Anymore

What is it about the Turkey Day table setting? It inspires even the most non-domestic people to go all out for this grand meal. Friends and family gather all year long, right? So why do we go over-the-top on the table decorations for thanksgiving? Simply put…gratitude.

Gratitude. Thankfulness. Appreciation. Gratefulness. All words we use on a regular basis, or do we?

I am grateful for SO many things.

People in my life, my good health, opportunities given to me, etc. The key is expressing this feeling and being genuine. I believe this is why we really do it up for those we love on this special occasion. Of course, it makes all the sense in the world that this is done over a huge meal with loved ones.

Confession: I don’t cook Thanksgiving dinner anymore.

Once Mom and Dad decided to hit the high road (thanks a lot guys) to a warmer climate for six months out of the year, Thanksgiving hostess-ing was passed on to me . I reluctantly accepted and started reading up on basting, gravy making, green bean casserole prep and Jell-O molds.

I was honestly a little terrified. I am not a cook.  Not even a little.

The first few years, I flew Mom in a few days early to help with the 4-day prep. By the time Thursday arrived, I was exhausted. So was Mom.

On the 3rd year, a decision was made to order a full, traditional turkey dinner the week before Thanksgiving. To be delivered by 9am on the BIG DAY. Only needing to be warmed.

Heaven! It was a win-win.

Neither of us was tired, crabby or sick of standing over the stove. I was able to spend the 4-day prep creating ways to make our 24 guests feel like royalty. This is what I love. THIS is what I am good at. Plus, isn’t that the whole point?

This Thanksgiving will be our 7th annual “Mom didn’t make it” Thanksgiving meal. I am perfectly at peace with this. To know what you excel at is a gift in and of itself. And, YES, I will be sitting at the kids’ table again this year. It’s just more…fun.