When the Carpooling Stars Align

Tonight is one of those rare and cherished evenings.  All three kids have at lease one after school activity and by the grace of the universe, I do not have any carpooling shifts.  Woot!


So what to do? My first thought is sleep, I’m always exhausted and would love a nap. But my mind quickly shifts as there is so much to do in the house.

A Mom’s Job is Never Over

Laundry piled high, bills to pay, bathrooms to clean. A grocery store run to pick up food for lunches, a trip to the mall to return the impulse purchase from two weeks prior, and a stop by Walgreens to get the shampoo, soap and toothpaste that are about to simultaneously run out.

When I mention all of the things we could accomplish with these precious found hours to my husband, he says, “Are you kidding? Let’s go out!”

Seize the Night 

So we are off like a couple of teens who have the car for the night. We head to a neighborhood restaurant and when a table isn’t available, we settle in at the bar.

It’s like the early days of marriage when we would meet after work and go out for a date night. I am giddy at the thought that I’ve just shirked my parenting duties. No mundane tasks or errands, just a few hours to reconnect.

A few bites into our appetizer and a sip of wine later, it’s like the old days. Of course we now chat about the kids—what's going on with school, sports, and social life. But there is something magical about doing it together, outside of the house, on a date.

We remember to look at each other, and we get a chance to connect. We discuss our plans for the next few months or even the next year. We talk about work, what’s going on with our professional lives, holidays, our parents, and even a possible little get-away for the two of us. It’s a time to appreciate each other and reminds of what a good job we are doing raising this family together. 

Connecting Matters More Than Getting Things Done

In the end, I’m grateful that I left the chores, mundane tasks, and to-do lists behind for a few hours. These few hours to take advantage of a spontaneous date night will carry me another couple of months.

These stolen hours remind me why I married this man. I adore my husband, and the work he does on behalf of our family, the father that he is to our kids and the man I married.

Why Carpooling Matters

As we arrived back home after our date night, I realized how much I owe to my trusted network of carpool drivers! Carpooling isn't just about getting kids from Point A to Point B — it's about making a mom's life easier.

So Moms and Dads in my carpool — you are the best and I look forward to returning the favor! Thank you so much for giving me the chance to spend a wonderful night connecting with my husband.