Top 10 Things I Overheard in the Carpool

Typically, I like to stay out of the conversations when I'm driving the carpool and let the kids talk among themselves. 

A Carpool Full of (Accidental) Comedians

Over the years, however, I've trained myself to become a keen listener. Especially when the kids enter the carpool full of energy because this is when I hear the most hilarious stories. I attempt to memorize the funny one liners that fall from the lips of the kids. So many good ones to remember and savor. 

I imagine if David Letterman was listening in our carpool, he wouldn't be able to resist making a Top 10 list of the funny things kids say.  

Here are some of my recent favorites. 

Top 10 Funny Things Kids Say in the Carpool 

#10 'What are the odds you will pull Molly's hair?' #thisisaweirdgame

#9 'Matt dropped his phone in the toilet.' #cha-ching

#8 'Kennedy forgot to bring her Barbie to college.' #barbiesat18

#7 'When my mom is being nice, she will drive me to school.' #ilikethismom

#6 'I'm afraid people will really vote for Donald Trump because they think it will be funny. Having him as President will not be funny.' #smartkid

#5 'Ask your mom if she will take us to Dairy Queen. She will for sure.' #imthatmom

#4 'I taught my grandma to whip. She's really good at it.' #grandmakillingit

#3 'Your feet smell so bad. Smell mine, I think they are worse.' #nasty

#2 'My mom works at Buffalo Wild Wings.' #nopenotatall

#1 'If you want WiFi in the art room you have to stand by Jesus.' #whoknew