Long Live the 80s

Why I make my kids listen to 80's music in the carpool. Cuz I'm an 80's mom and here are my anthems.

Here are the things that defined the 80's for me.

1989 was a very good year.

After 28 years, the Berlin Wall was open to the West, Field Of Dreams debuted in theaters and the first World Wide Web server was developed. Of course, this is all very exciting but (sadly) it is not top-of-mind when I think back on this decade.

I graduated in 1989, so the late 80’s were extremely formidable years for me.

This is made obvious to anyone by my musical choices and vocabulary to this very day. I would love to be the girl who rattles off important historical dates for each decade, but I am not. I am the girl who, when the 80’s come up in conversation, goes straight here...

Take away album//Faith, George Michael

(Best song on the album? Freedom!)

Take-away song// Take On Me, A-Ha

Color Pallet Anything neon.

Hair Style The Mullet, The Bob or any sort of serious HAIR HEIGHT!

Catch Phrase “Dude!”

Still guilty.

Every Kid’s Wish List Cabbage Patch Kids

Had 2. Loved them like I had given birth to them myself.

Think what you will about the decadence of the 80’s, but however you feel it'll still go down as the most diverse, eclectic and extravagant decade in recent cultural history.

Now that I am in my 40's (still can't believe it) and have been toting kids around for many years, I often sneak in some favorite tunes from my youth. (I turn it up real loud too!) Our three boys have always loved this family time. It's as though they could tell it took me down some funky-music-driven-wormhole to my youth.

I wonder if our boys will look back on the fashion, vernacular and music of their formidable years with the same sort of nostalgia I do. I can only hope so.

PARENTING TIP: The car is the perfect place to bond. A captive audience for a short period of time on a regular basis.