How Do I Stop Swear Words in the Carpool?

I've been lucky so far. I’ve never had the f-bomb dropped in my car. But my friends have—and I'm dreading the first time it happens to me!

When it happens (and it will!) the worst thing a mom can do is to overreact. That makes an accidental curse word into a big deal and encourages it to happen again. Kids love a reaction, even a negative one.

Fact: Swear Words Happen to Good Kids

As kids hit puberty, their brains get wonky. Half the time they are the coolest kids you've ever met and the other half they are just plain stupid.

They don't think—or if they do—they don't always connect their thoughts and their actions.

Kids don't want to do something wrong — they just don't always think. Sometimes sounding cool is the only thing on their minds. Caught up in the moment, it spills right out.

Be Prepared! Know What To Say!

I imagine this will happen soon in one of my carpools so I’ve thought a lot about how I will react. If language did cross the line, in my opinion, it's easy.

My car. My rules. We don't use that language.

Kids make mistakes. We all do. And kids are kids, they are trying to figure it out.

So if you hear the dreaded f-bomb, know that everyone can screw up. Address it without calling out names and context. Just say, “Hey, not cool. My car, my rules, no swearing".

If it happens again, that's another story.