7 Free Apps I Can't Live Without

I admit it.  I am a bit of a neat nick.  I can't stand clutter, ever on my phone.  SO I ONLY load the apps i KNOW I will use.  Here are 7 of my favorites.

1. Who's Driving

My kid-logistic lifeline. It's how we make sure our kids get to where they need to be and reminds me when it's my turn to drive. Sign up now to be notified the minute it's available. No need to have FOMO (fear of missing out). 

2. Walgreens

A huge time saver. I don't have the patience for automated call systems so when I need to refill a prescription in our house, I just click away using the Walgreens app. It's simple, safe, and I don't have to endure the prolonged messages about flu season and medicare options. Love this easy-to-use free app.
Get it for iPhone or Android.

3. webMD

Rashes, bumps, fevers, colds, lice. All have happened in this house. When something happens, webMD is where I turn for a quick update on the health care basics. In my opinion, they have some of the most trusted recommendations on everything from food expiration dates, to how to choose a new mattress, and what to do for the common cold. Love and trust this app. 
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4. Instagram

This one is a must for me and my kids. My 11-year-old twins love Instagram. They follow their dance school, soccer club, hockey program, and use this app to connect with the kids they meet in these activities. It's a place of pride and affinity for the activities they love. It's a positive way to keep connected to the activities and friends outside of practices.

You may think, Instagram is for kids, why do I need it? Did I mention there are amazing accounts for moms to follow? Design, news, travel, fashion, workouts, and more. As a visual person, it's like always having a magazine at my fingertips. Plus, I follow my kids. It's a great way to teach them about digital citizenship. I want them to make their social media mistakes under my nose. They will screw up, and with mom at their side, they can learn from those mistakes. 
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5. Facebook

Not cool if you are a teen, but as a mom, it's your pulse for the day. Post pictures of your kids (yes, brag about them). Stay connected to college friends who are states and years removed. Catch up with former colleagues. Join the parent group for soccer and find out how you can help at the next fundraiser. It's cool for moms. 
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6. Google Maps

Let's face it, I'd be lost without Bev. She's the first person I invite to every carpool. She keeps me in check and get's me where I need to go. Bev is the name we've given to the Google Map voice who tells us when to turn right, and the time we will arrive at the field. I don't have a navigation system in my car, but I have my smartphone and Google Maps. I never leave for a field or rink without first keying the destination address into Google Maps. Nothing quite like the comfort of Bev's voice verbally instructing my every turn. Simple. 
Get it for iPhone or Android

7. Red Stamp

Where to begin?  Red Stamp not only makes me look super savvy, but people think I am on top of every Thank You note, birthday wish, and shout out.  With the Red Stamp App you can send the most beautiful, thoughtful, and creative note at the touch of a button. I love it.