It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Every age, every season. LEGO! All three of our boys were lego-freaks. Still are really, even at ages 26, 20 and 11. We have had legos that morph into unrecognizable towers, mutilated “robots” and floating devices for the tub.  

Then there are the legos that are made with exacting precision, never to be touched by another’s human hand. Those are the legos that get “top billing” as we call it here. They are handled + transported with the caution and gentleness of a heart surgeon. Once placed on THE LEGO SHELF, they sit on proud display.  Forever.

Along with the masses of fun-loving, teeny-weeny lego pieces comes the dreaded “lost piece syndrome.” You know what I’m talking about. When the one piece that, if lost, can destroy even the easiest going kid. I used to get just as annoyed as the boys when a key piece went missing, searching high + low, thinking Lego Corp must be messing with us. However, as my lego building years went by, and missing pieces became more of the norm than the exception, I used this as a teaching moment. The “learn to deal with it and move on” lesson. Yah, that one. It’s a biggie.


Save: Place stockings or a thin sock on the end of your vacuum hose to pick up those tiny pieces that fell under the couch and are just out of reach. The stocking will prevent it from being lost in the dust.

Splurge: Purchase a designated handheld vacuum. Use it only for legos. This makes cleaning up those teeny-weeny pieces a breeze. Happy Building!